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Christine De La Rosa and George Wolters

About Christine De La Rosa: Christine De La Rosa, CEO and Co-founder of The People's Dispensary, and Co-founder of CBxShield is a well-respected business leader, advocate, and activist. Before founding The People's Dispensary and CbxShield, Christine spent 20 years as a systems and database architect in technology. At the top of her tech career, she almost died from complications of undiagnosed Lupus. In 2015, she found cannabis as an alternative medicine to treat her lupus. No longer bound to 11 pills a day or monthly infusions, she was inspired by her experience to open Benefit Health Collective in 2016, along with her co-founders, to help those who most need access to cannabis. Additionally, Christine is an advisory board member of the Access + Innovation Project, Regennabis, and Cannabis Doing Good. She also serves as a member of the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Committee for NCIA (National Cannabis Industry Association) and Subcommittee Chair of the Integration Committee. About George Wolters: More than two decades ago, CBxShield co-founder George Wolters suffered a catastrophic knee injury that resulted in an invasive surgical procedure. While he regained his mobility to some degree, George experienced severe pain whenever he put weight on his knee. He was unwilling to give up his active lifestyle, so George resorted to taking high doses of over-the-counter painkillers. In search of natural solutions, George became an active member of his local medical cannabis community. As time went by, he started wondering if there was an alternative to high-THC cannabis that delivered the same results. Around 2010, the first high-CBD hemp strains started making their way into the medical market, and George knew he had found his answer. In the course of managing a dispensary, George was introduced to a laboratory that was synthesizing CBD from limonene, a constituent, or orange peels. George’s relationship with CBD took a huge leap forward, and he founded Citrus Supplements to market this revolutionary form of CBD both domestically and abroad. Due to the unique legal and regulatory status of limonene.

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